President's Office                                                                                   School of Social Work


Party Committee Organization Department                           School of Business Administration


party committee Publicity Department                                   School of Information Engineering


Discipline & Inspection Office                                                    School of Electronic Engineering

Auditing Department                                                                     

Student Affairs Department

Student Employment Guidance Center                            School of Cultural Industry Management

Youth League Committee


Security Management Department                                     School of Engineering Management


Party Committee Teacher’s Affairs                                   Department School of Finance & Economics

Human Resources Department


Finance & Asset Management Department                                         School of Tourism

Teaching Affairs Department                                                    School of Health and Aging service


Admissions Office                                                                           School of Humanities Education


Research & Development Planning Department                                    School of Marxism


International Cooperation& Exchange Center                                School of Continuing Education


                                                                                                                    Information Center

Infrastructure & Logistics Department                                                                    Library   

School-enterprise Cooperation Department                                       The Health Department


Quality Management Center


Bidding & Purchasing Center


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